Articles and Information About ARDF

The following books, articles, and instructional videos offer practical advice and information about the sport of ARDF.


Transmitter Hunting: Radio Direction Finding Simplified by Joe Moell K0OV and Thomas Curlee WB6UZZ
Radio Orienteering: The ARDF Handbook by Bob Titterington G3ORY, David Williams M3WDD, and David Deane G3ZOI
A Guide to Taking 2 Meter Bearings: An Introduction to ARDF by Marvin Johnston KE6HTS

Introductions to ARDF

Teaching ARDF 101 by Open ARDF
International Style Foxhunting Comes to the Americas by Joe Moell K0OV
Getting Started in ARDF by Dale Hunt WB6BYU

ARDF Videos

ARDF Videos on YouTube

Orienteering Skills

Orienteering Map Symbols
Orienteering Gear Guide

ARDF Equipment

A Simple Direction-Finding Receiver for 80 Meters by Dale Hunt WB6BYU
Make a Map Holder by Charles Scharlau NZ0I
Reverse Compass Rose by Charles Scharlau NZ0I
ARDF Equipment Design Considerations by Dale Hunt WB6BYU

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