The International Amateur Radio Union

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) is a federation of national Amateur Radio Societies representing the interests of Amateur Radio communication worldwide. Created in 1925, the IARU is organized into three Regional Organizations that correspond to the three administrative regions of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The IARU is also the worldwide organizing body for the sport of ARDF.

IARU Region 2 is the IARU Regional Organization for the American continent, the Caribbean, and some islands of the Pacific. The IARU Region 2 ARDF Coordinator encourages and supports the growth of the sport of ARDF in IARU Region 2, coordinates international activities with Regions 1 and 3, and reports to the IARU Region 2 Executive Commitee.

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International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)
IARU Regional Organizations: Region 1, Region 2, Region 3
ARDF Activity in IARU Regions: Region 1, Region 2, Region 3

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